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10 reasons Haiti should use Creole and English

Haiti has French as its second language. However, it is obvious to everyone that the French language is geographically trivial. For example, someone leaves Haiti today, wherever he or she goes, they will barely find (not to say never) a chance to use it again. Also, the French language Haitians speak, is very limited and discriminatory; the reason is that the job’s opportunities in Haiti for this language is mostly inexistent, and 98% of the population who does not speak it, are treated as uneducated by the people who represent the remaining 2%.

Therefore, the advancement of this country can never be effective with that language. That is why we share below 10 reasons Haiti should use Creole and English.

1. Creole must be the main language used for all kids and students.

With an education in Creole, which is their native language, they will understand better. Furthermore, it is easier for them to capture the sense and meaning of each word or subject without inefficiently cramming.

2. English Learning Centers should be available in every corner of the country for all children starting age 4 and up.

The reason is that there are lots of English documents, programs, and videos whose contents excel in quality to instruct the kids.

3. We would have an international language to attract investors and companies around the world that hire English speakers.

In the region Haiti is located, English is a top-level tool; the one that speaks it, gives oneself more choice to get jobs and other opportunities without limits. In addition, Speaking English will bring into the country skilled foreigners and businessmen to create jobs. It would be a way for the country to have a healthy economy that thrives.

5. Because English is worldwide spoken, job’s opportunities through it is constantly increasing.

When someone speaks English, he or she has double chance to quickly get a job. And, the next article will show how over 1000 young Haitians had changed their lives, simply because they spoke English (This story will come out soon).

5. No matter where Haitians live, if they have English and computer abilities—master well both skills, they can earn big money.

This point is very important, because there are now so many jobs established online; If we are good at Computer Technology and fluent in English, wherever we live in Haiti or abroad, we can find great opportunities as long as we have a 24/7 internet access service.

6. There are many online jobs that are specifically created for qualified English speakers.

If Haitians mix the language knowledge with other abilities in any field, a bright future is waiting ahead.

7. Most of the countries around the world encourage their citizens to speak English.

Recent research shows that there are so far more than 70 English-speaking countries. Additionally, some African countries have started to adopt the language.

8. As there is American English, Jamaican English, British English, etc. why not a Haitian English?

It would be geographically beneficial to have a Haitian English along the Haitian Creole for a better outcome in the society; A Haitian accent would bring diversity to our country's economy.

9. There are more videos in English that have meaningful lessons to train the kids so that they can become good citizens in the society.

These English videos teach the children, from an early age, love for their neighbors, their countries, and how they can work as a team or one family to build wonderful things together in the community.

10. With all these advantages that the English language offers, the country might see an unparalleled economic growth.

While we acknowledge that there are some other important factors that can contribute to the national savings, a Haiti anglophone is a hot topic to consider.

In this sense, an in-depth study should be conducted in Haiti’s Linguistic Academic Center to address how to better understand and integrate English in everything we do in the country and make Creole the basic language in the education system.

Ge Augustin, a chosen one peasant.


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